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Helping Farmers Meet Compliance Obligations and Promote Sustainable Agriculture


Kaipara Agri Solutions (KAS) is a subsidiary established by Kaipara Farm Vets to further support their substantial base of dairy and pastoral farming customers in the northern Kaipara district.

The purpose of KAS is to help these farmers manage their compliance obligations more efficiently. This includes land compliance, people compliance, and animal compliance.

By leveraging the robust relationship with its parent company and its extensive knowledge of animal health, KAS is committed to easing the burden of regulatory requirements for farmers and enhancing their operations' sustainability.




Kaipara Agri Solutions (KAS) has entered into a partnership with Kaipara Moana Remediation as an extension partner.

This partnership represents a strategic alliance in which KAS plays a pivotal role in facilitating the implementation of Kaipara Moana Remediation's objectives. Leveraging KAS's well-established relationships with local farmers and comprehensive understanding of agricultural operations, the partnership aims to effectively expand the scope and impact of Kaipara Moana Remediation's projects.

Together, their collective efforts are directed towards enhancing the sustainability of farming practices, fostering land and water health improvement in the Kaipara district, and supporting farmers in efficiently meeting their compliance obligations. This mutually beneficial relationship exemplifies a shared commitment to environmental stewardship and the advancement of sustainable agriculture.

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What is Kaipara Moana Remediation?

The Kaipara Moana is the largest harbour in the Southern Hemisphere, home to rare and threatened species and habitats. The harbour has major economic value as the breeding ground for New Zealand’s snapper fishery. However, high sediment levels have put this at risk.

Kaipara Moana Remediation (KMR) invests in projects to reduce sediment run-off into the Kaipara harbour.  Funded by the Ministry for the Environment, Northland Regional Council and Auckland Council, KMR supports landowners across the 600,000 hectare catchment to protect and restore waterways and retire eroding hillsides.

As a Jobs for Nature investment, KMR also supports local, nature-based employment, training and accreditation.

As Aotearoa’s largest harbour restoration programme, genuine partnership is key to KMR’s success. By working with local suppliers, businesses and nurseries, KMR has rapidly scaled up. They are now supporting more than 1-in-3 landowners to take action to protect waterways, strengthen climate and flood resilience, and increase local habitats and biodiversity.

As at 31 July 2023, 19 months into operational delivery, KMR has achieved the following performance milestones:

  • 28 local businesses & 21 nurseries accredited as KMR suppliers.
  • 57 people trained as KMR Field Advisors - many from local iwi/hapū.
  • Engagement with over 600 landowners, more than a third of the estimated landowners in the catchment.
  • Over 470 Sediment Reduction Plans contracted with landowners.
  • Over 97,000 hectares of land managed under KMR Sediment Reduction Plan or Tiaki Farm Environment Plan.
  • Over 510km of fencing completed or contracted – the same distance as Auckland to Rotorua and back.
  • Over 180,000 hours of estimated ​new work created.


What will KAS do for them?

Kaipara Agri Solutions (KAS), as an extension partner of KMR, will offer an advisory service to farmers in the region. Acting essentially as representatives of KMR, KAS will begin by developing Sediment Reduction Plans.

Through these plans, KAS aims to apply KMR's principles and strategies at a ground level, working closely with farmers to enact sustainable land management practices and accomplish the shared objective of sediment reduction.

Together, this team embodies the commitment of KAS to sustainable farming practices and efficient compliance management.




Inquiry on KMR

If you are interested in joining the Kaipara Moana Remediation Project or learning more about how you can contribute, please reach out to our team by registering your information on this form .

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