A few procedures that may make your pig easier to manage are insertion of a nose ring to prevent cultivation of your yard and paddocks, and the castration of male pigs from 2-3 months of age. Other pig health issues such as parasite control, vaccinations and foot trimming can also be done.

Pigs have only have one stomach, unlike cows and sheep with their four stomachs, so pigs can’t digest grass as well, this means they also need to have other foods. Pig nuts or pellets are a good way to do this as they also contain all the essential vitamins and minerals.  If you are going to feed table scraps don’t forget it is New Zealand law that any scraps containing meat or having been in contact with meat must be heated to over 100 degrees Celsius for at least one hour to destroy viruses such as foot and mouth disease.  Anything you wouldn’t eat, a pig shouldn’t eat either!

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