We offer faecal egg counts and a selection of parasite control options in store. Our team of vets are able to give vaccinations for tetanus and strangles. Take blood samples for laboratory testing for mineral levels and to check the health of internal organs such as the liver and kidneys.  We can also perform minor surgical procedures such as gelding, wound repair and small lump removals.

  • Vaccinations
  • Lab Testing
  • Gelding/Castration
  • Parasite control

Horses, as we know, can be incredibly prone to injuring themselves. 

Tetanus can be a big concern as horses are particularly succeptible at contracting the bacteria through open wounds and exposure to infected soils. Routine vaccination provides the best protection against this. Alternatively, in the case of paddock accidents, routine procedures and newborn foals a dose of Equivac T (tetanus antitoxin) is recommended.

Kaipara Farm Vets

Kaipara Farm Vets and Rural Solutions is a locally owned business aiming to provide large animal veterinary services and support to our farming community.