At Kaipara Farm Vets, we believe that good milk quality is essential to all dairy farm operations. 

Not only does a grade-free season mean no losses due to demerits, but it also means less mastitis, better production, and can even have flow-on effects on the herd such as better in-calf rates. 

Our aim is to work with you to find out which areas require improvement in order to increase your milk quality.

Between our team of techs and vets, we look at all practices involved with your milking herd and actively assess practices that may affect your milk quality results. This may mean attending your daily milking routine and conducting teat scoring, rapid mastitis tests, and evaluating in-shed hygiene practices.

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Kaipara Farm Vets

Kaipara Farm Vets and Rural Solutions is a locally owned business aiming to provide large animal veterinary services and support to our farming community.