Working Dogs

We at Kaipara Farm Vets realise that not all dogs are created equal and that there is a marked difference between "stay at home Fluffy" and "out there doin’ it, Rex".

Working dogs, be they herding sheep in a paddock, chasing cattle on a hill or sniffing out pests in the forest, are in so many ways different to their more residential counterparts.

We understand that they are kept differently, that they eat differently and that they often suffer diseases and injuries unique to their type. We do not provide any surgical services but are able to supply you with worm and flea treatments, vaccinations, and basic health queries.

At our depot, you will find a small selection of working dog-specific foods that you can pick up or order through our website.

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Kaipara Farm Vets

Kaipara Farm Vets and Rural Solutions is a locally owned business aiming to provide large animal veterinary services and support to our farming community.